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Harper Municipal Center
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As information and recommendations for this study area becomes available throughout the project, it will be located here.

North of I-80 Overview

Map of North Study Area

There are a significant number of natural resources, residential and community-oriented uses south and north of I-80. There are two distinct study areas as the challenges and opportunities in each differ. When developing a truck route network that balances livability, the team will keep these sensitive areas in consideration as unique to each study area, including:​​


  • Residential areas

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Community-oriented areas, including cultural attractions, entertainment, religious facilities, cemeteries, service organizations

  • Floodways and floodplains​

  • Wetlands​

  • Prairie, savanna, woodlands​

  • Lakes and streams​

  • Forest preserves​ and parks

  • Agricultural uses​

  • CMAP-designated conservation areas

Primary Goal: Improve truck routing and infrastructure, and address community concerns and safety issues in the two study areas, North of I-80 and South of I-80.

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